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Basically since I started book blogging, I've noticed a ton of trends, and I've given then nicknames. Or I use nicknames created by other people. So here's an index. It'll be updated as I create new nicknames or something.

HSG and NSG Scenario
In a scenario where a girl is torn between two guys (this being the main love conflict--the opposite usually happens when the girl is not the main character), the typical options are usually a nice guy who loves her, and the hot sexy, angsty guy. In this situation, the girl usually ends up with the sexy, angsty one, while the nice guy will back off, heartbroken, or will find another girl to love and cherish. There are obvious exceptions, but it's really common. It also applies to girls, of course, but you gotta admit the guys are the vast majority. 

HSG: Hot Sexy Guy
NSG: Nice Sweet Guy

Slang that I use--fandom or otherwise:

Mary Sue/Gary Stu

A certain overused stereotype of character, usually overly exceptional and goes through an illogical amount of plot angsts. 

So that's all for now. I'm sure I'll need this page later on, so it'll be added to. 

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