Wednesday 17 April 2013

Review: Cold War- Doctor Who

Boy do I have things to say about this episode. 

Cold War 


In this episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor and Clara arrive on a sinking submarine near the North Pole. Of course, they stop the sinking, but the vessel is stranded, with a legendary member of the Ice Warriors, who has been frozen for thousands of years. He unleashes his revenge on the crew members, but the Doctor manages to convince him to halt his attack before he is beamed up by other Ice Warriors. 


I loved this episode. Don't get me wrong. Clara was enchanting and the tiny little nods to previous episodes (for example, this sonic has a red setting this time, like when River Song showed the Tenth Doctor the red setting on her sonic screwdriver, and the Ice Warrior at all--I think the Second Doctor met the Ice Warriors) Matt Smith was brilliant too--His acting in this new season is just a-freaking-mazing. I also loved some of the supporting cast, like the scientist who sings a lot and provides wisdom, and the captain of the ship. 

But I had a few problems with this episode that I don't usually have with Doctor Who episodes. Firstly, the water. Having the water gushing everywhere was a bit overwhelming. While it was fun watching the Doctor sloshing around and trying to save the submarine, and the water providing some pretty good lines for the Doctor, the noise and the constant tossing about was just too much for me. I know a lot of people will love it for the action, trust me, I loved it too, but the running around while having water pouring down all over you, while trying to deliver lines, was just... meh.

Also we never really delve into the story of the Ice Warrior that much. We do get a glimpse of him at the end, and learn about his pain of losing his family and his desolation at the belief that his people have died out, we barely see him at all in the episode and it sort of shifted the focus of the episode off a bit. 

Grade: As I said, this episode was amazing, except for the problems with too much water. I would rate it a B+ (A+ being, for example, the last episode. That was brilliant.)

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