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Well, I'm frankly not important enough in the blogging world to have people ask me to review their books, but if any authors/publishers want me to, that's great!

I review books based on my opinions, so if the book is crappy, I'll point that out. I can't guarantee a positive review. You bet I'll point that out. I tend towards the sarcastic side when I dislike a book, so don't take me too seriously then. I try not to be offensive when I review books and point out what I did not like.  I don't bash books, though.

Also, because of my erratic personality, my reviews tend to be a bit weird sometimes (there was that one time when I wrote a whole Supernatural version of I Dreamed a Dream at 12.30am.) Especially if I'm extremely happy or tired.

I review by grades so this is the system:

A+: That was incredible! Read it now.
A: Great book, you should read it!
A-: Still great, but with one or two things that need clearing up
B+: Really good, but not good enough for an A.
B: Good. Give it a try.
B-: It was alright, but with a few more-than-minor problems
C+: Not that good, but redeemable.
C: Not good. Had a few good points, though.
C-: Pretty major problems there. Brace yourself before trying this.
D+: I didn't like it. I like one or two things, but no.
D: There was nothing about this that I can say I liked. I hardly ever rate a book this.

I usually do my reviews a while after I finish a book to let myself think through certain things, so I may be a bit late to post my reviews.

You can contact me here. Feel free to drop a line for anything. :D

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