Sunday 21 April 2013

Movie Review: The Pregnancy Project

So I know this came out last year, but I just watched it today. So bear with me.

Title: The Pregnancy Project
Based on a book written by Gaby Rodriguez (true story)


Gaby Rodriguez's mother got pregnant at 14, and her sister and brother also had children in her teens. So she counters it by being extra careful with her boyfriend, George. But when she notices the poor treatment fellow classmate, Tyra, gets for getting pregnant, she decides to make her senior project about stereotypes about pregnant girls. Her experiment included faking a pregnancy to see how people would treat her. 


This was a low-budget movie, but the acting was just incredible. Alexa Vega (you might know her as Carmen Cortez from Spy Kids) plays the seventeen-year-old Gaby, and she does a powerful job of conveying all the horror of the treatment a pregnant girl gets. This is based off a true story (I haven't read the book yet so I don't know how much of it is actually true) and is incredibly touching. I can't begin to describe the way I felt when watching this movie. The supporting cast was equally strong, and this movie really touches subjects that most people overlook. It makes you really think about the treatment of pregnant girls, their families and other topics you never really think about, that should be brought to mind after watching this movie. 

The climax of the movie was powerful and to be honest, I cried a lot. I really felt for Gaby, even though I've never been through anything close to that traumatic. The bravery that the real Gaby must have gone through is incredible. I am definitely reading this book soon. 

Grade: A Touching movie that everyone should watch. 

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