Saturday 11 May 2013

TV Review: Vampire Diaries-The Walking Dead (Season 4 Episode 22)

Wow so the season is ending soon and ...god. This episode. I'm trying out a new format on advice from a more successful blogger than me.

Title: The Walking Dead


With Elena focused on her hatred for Katherine, Stefan, Damon and Caroline try to distract her, but her bloodlust isn't swayed. Meanwhile, Bonnie works with Katherine to drop the Veil to defeat Silas. Some old friends return, some welcome and some not.


Well. I did love this episode. 

Elena's insane drive for revenge on Katherine distracts her from other tasks and is her defense against the emotions and guilt that threatens to overcome her. I did think that was very in characters for Elena, and Nina Dobrev is amazing as always portraying the two very different characters, especially with Elena's character taking all these different turns. 

The tensions are running high as Bonnie drags Katherine to drop the Veil. These parts added a bit of lightheartedness to the ever-darkening plot. Bonnie is confronted by Silas and chaos ensues. Katherine was a little irritating in this one. 

We also see a lot of Mebekah in this episode. They were really sweet. Rebekah's really opening up to Matt and showing her human side. It's amazing how much her character has developed over the last season or so. 

The best part of this episode was when the Veil was dropped. Alaric returned to give Damon just what he needed: A go-get-the-girl talk, a best friend to drink with, and the Cure. You really get the satisfaction and joy from seeing Damon actually happy with his best friend, despite all the drama and conflict he's facing. Lexi returns and I cried. Seeing Stefan so purely happy for once brought joy to my heart. Being single suits him, I think. And Jeremy came back to save elena form the vengeous Kol, giving her the emotional support she needed to get over his death. So Elena's back on track. 

*Okay this is a spoiler that you should not read.*
BONNIE DIES. I mean, that girl was on that road of destruction for so long, I can't say that I'm relieved, but I have to say it didn't come as that big a surprise. She tried to bring Jeremy back form the dead using expression, but of course that didn't work. Will she stay dead, though? 

Grade: A Lovely episode bringing back a ton of old friends. 

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