Thursday 30 May 2013

Freak Out Fangirl Feature #2: On Hiatus

So since all my favorite shows are currently on hiatus, I thought I would like to discuss it :D

(Seriously I am incredibly proud of these gifs)

So I'm a fan of a lot of TV shows, books and movies, but it just so happens that three of my favorite TV series just went on hiatus within a week of each other. Wonderful. Let's talk about how to deal with hiatus depression, shall we?

Jeanne's guide to dealing with hiatus depression:

1. Start a new show. Try to find one with similar content as your other series (example if you're watching Sherlock, try Elementary.) Sooner or later, that show will end too, but it'll delay the desolation for a while. A while. If you need show recommendations, feel free to contact me. :D

2. Read fanfiction. In the hiatus, a whole lot of fans will definitely be going crazy with theories and fanfiction ideas. Look for your favorite couples or just hunt around. It might give you a few ideas yourself to keep you from thinking about it.

3. Make non-fans watch the series. It can become a mission during the hiatus to get as many people watching the show before the hiatus ends. It firstly distracts you, and rewatching it with them might relieve the depression a bit.

4. Read some books. Yeah. If you're not a big fan of reading, movies work. Then try number 2 for them. Seriously. get into new fandoms, it'll help.

5. Just let it out. Rewatch the episode and cry over it, over-dissect every episode, theorize about the next season, make crazed and nonsensical comments about it, you know. It's not the most healthy solution, but it'll keep your occupied until the next season premires.

6. Lastly, go comfort other fandoms. Other fandoms are on hiatus too, and it's a lovely chance to bond over shared grief.

Yeah. So try some of these and try not to die.

*curls up into a ball and watches Elementary*
*reads Homestuck fanfiction*


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